Who We Are

The Gathering is a church open to all who wish to learn to live as a follower of Christ. It's also a church for those curious about the Christian faith, the teachings of scripture, or for those who need prayer, encouragement, and support.

That said, what we don't lack is: teaching that is biblical and practical; genuinely caring and friendly people; and a place to be yourself. From the pastors to the people – what you see is what you get – real people, being their real selves.

Having this sort of environment does pose some risk. It's easier to pretend, than show others you're not perfect and have it all together. None of us do, which is why we need each other and God.

If you're ready to dump the religious baggage and jargon, have some fun, think deep, see and learn truth, and find out what really matters in life – we invite you to visit with us a few Sundays. One won't do, two maybe, but perhaps after three Sundays with us – you might just start to like what you see.

We operate as a Non-Denominational church, but we choose to affiliate with the EFCA and SBC denominations to support missions, help other churches, and join with others trying to build the kingdom of God.

If, after you've had a chance to read more about us on this site and have any questions, please drop us an email or call us at 303.451.7777. We also offer a one-hour orientation class called "Gathering 101" every quarter after the second service. Check our calendar for dates.