Walking into a new setting can be an awkward, and even intimidating experience for many. Especially when it comes to church.

To help alleviate any questions or concerns, here is a quick summary of what to expect on Sundays: 


- Services start promptly at 10am and last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.


- Expect friendly people who will say hello and want to get to know you, as you feel comfortable. 

- Childcare and children classes are offered during each service through a secure check-in. In addition, there is a private room available for a mom or dad needing to nurse or do a quick change. Speakers are available in this room to continue to listen in on the service. 

- The Gathering values authenticity, which means we want everyone to be him or herself to include how one dresses. So feel free to be as casual and as comfortable as you like. It's not what we wear that matters, but where our hearts are as we gather together.

- A typical service includes a band that leads in songs with words projected onto two screens; along with a welcome and greeting time, some announcements, an offering, scriptural reading, a relevant and biblical message from our lead pastor or other pastors/leaders, prayer, and at least once a month a celebration of communion with the Lord's Supper. 

- Someone is always available to talk to, or pray with, after each service. Just see one of our pastors or leaders who will be glad to take time to meet with you. 

- Services may vary in size, songs, and even speaker, but our focus audience is always God Himself – His presence and power in our midst – as we sing, pray, fellowship, serve, and equip ourselves with His words and ways.